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Trusted trades are a compilation of trades people based in and around Selby, Tadcaster and Goole who are genuinely recommended by Mumblers.

If you have received excellent service by a tradesman/woman and want to include them in this list then please contact us here with your recommendation, a brief description of their work for you and their contact details.

If you do use one of the trades people listed here make sure you tell them about Selby, Tadcaster and Goole Mumbler!

All basic listings here are genuine recommendations and therefore are free of charge, however if you are a tradesperson who is already listed here and would like to upgrade your listing to a premium slot then please see our advertise with us section for pricing details.

The smallish print; we have put this list together as we know from personal experience how much of a nightmare it can be when you need something done, but have no idea who to call and how much is a fair price for the job. We hope it will be a good starting point for you but we would always recommend that you get a couple of quotes and then make your own choice. We at mumbler can’t take any responsibility for people listed here so if you do have any feedback (good or bad) then let us know here and if necessary we’ll remove the listing.

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Do you know of a great trusted tradesperson?

Here at STAG Mumbler, we are always keen to hear your recommendations of great local people with a trade.  If you know of someone, simply drop us an email telling us all about them at

Featured Listing

DS Premier Cleaning Services

Do you want your oven looking brand new? Do your gutters leak? Do your windows need a clean?

Whatever the task, get in touch for a no obligation quote.

Professional and reliable local business offering great value for money.

  • Specialising in oven deep cleaning
  • Appliance repairs
  • Fully insured
  • No job too big or small

Des cleaned my oven recently and I was AMAZED at the results. He took so much care and time to get every last bit of carbon off the oven – it’s a good 20 years old and it honestly looks like new! He is such a lovely guy and clearly takes huge pride in his work. I’d HIGHLY recommend him.

EP, April 16

I just wanted to recommend Ds premier cleaning services. I have just had my oven cleaned and it is amazing, just like new.

CF, June 17

DS Premier Cleaning Services now has over 350+ 5 star reviews on Facebook!

Mention Mumbler Offer: Mention ‘STAG Mumbler’ and receive up to 15% off (exc Dec)

T: 07956 646487


Featured Listing

A Mumbler Review: From Oven Cleaner to Super Hero in less that 24hrs

Oven clean, cleaner, So today we’d like to tell you a little story about why we chose to have someone come clean our ovens.

It was shortly after giving birth to my youngest that I began my mission cleaning the house.  After being very unwell during the pregnancy and with a bump so big I struggled to walk, let alone clean, I was so excited to get back to the old me and potter around the house.  First stop, the oven.  I put my little one down for a nap, donned by pink marigolds and filled the entire oven with a very strong shop bought oven cleaner.  I made a drink, went to the lounge and left it on to work its magic.   About 20 minutes later, I noticed a rather strong smell coming into the lounge.  I opened the door and was immediately hit by the most horrible chemical smell. I ran to the kitchen to check everything was ok.    The smell was horrific, I had stupidly not even thought about opening windows before I started and the smell was filling the room.  I went upstairs to check on my little one and could have cried, the horrible smell had not only filled the hallway, it had made its way upstairs.  I felt absolutely terrible, I had no idea it was so strong.  I immediately opened all the windows and doors and began cleaning it all away.  My dad arrived, he looked horrified, asking what the horrible smell was. He explained he could even smell it outside!  I swore that day I would never use an oven cleaner again.

I’d heard friends talk about having their oven cleaned, but I honestly saw it as a waste of money. Why pay someone to do what I could do myself? That was until the day I almost gassed my entire family.  I decided to give it a go and try out DS Premier Cleaning Services. Des had come highly recommended by lots of other mumblers and so I thought I’d give him a try.

Now here at Mumbler, we will only ever write a genuine review and so we decided to put Des to the ultimate test.  From the day I booked the appointment, I didn’t touch my oven (not even a wipe), I wanted it to be as dirty as possible (sorry Des).

I saw the van arrive on my drive and out jumped friendly, approachable  Des.  After explaining how he would clean it, he immediately got to work.  Within minutes he notified me of the fact that the wiring in my house was problematic and that there was too much power been run off one switch.  He was tidy, laying down special mats and he didnt make any mess.  Well in about 2 hours, I couldn’t believe the transformation, I honestly believe the oven was cleaner than the day it was delivered.  I had hoped he would do a good job, but I never imagined he could get it so clean.  Des’ attention to detail is second to none and I didnt even notice a smell, what a difference compared to my own attempt.  What I loved about it was, I didnt spend hours cleaning it myself for a mediocre result, I didnt hurt my back which is already very weak and I got two wonderful hours to spend with my little boy while Des was busy at work.  Our Mini Mumbler was fascinated and even sat watching him….. i’m hoping he picked up a few tips!

What I soon realised what just how much pride Des takes in his work.  I expected him to come in, clean the oven and be done, however his attention to detail and care for the safety of the homes he visits is unbelievable, this was truly showcased when he visited the second half of STAG Mumbler’s home to clean her oven.

I paid them both a visit, I was running late and expected Des to be pretty much done when I arrived, instead they were both sat on the floor.  Before cleaning her oven, Des had carried out a safety check and quickly identified how dangerous the oven was and explained that in his professional opinion, it was unsafe to use.  He went on to explain in detail all the issues with it, the list was endless.  Now this mumbler knew that it wasn’t the best oven and thought that at some point in the near future, a new one should be added to the shopping list, but she had no idea it was a potential danger.  She was so grateful to Des for how thorough he had been.  Without his care and attention, she would have had no idea.

She spent the next couple of hours searching the internet for a new oven.  Now Des could have just left, he could have still charged her some or all of the money as he’d made a relatively long journey to her home and missed out on cleaning an oven.  Instead, he stayed and assisted her by measuring up for the new one and helping her explore the various interest options to find the right one.  He kindly offered to use the fee to return this week to install the new one and take the old one away.

We cannot thank or recommend Des enough, firstly for the amazing clean he did at my house and then the care he took at our second house, alerting us to a major and potentially life threatening hazard.

Des is a wonderful, honest and such hardworking individual who clearly cares so much about what he does and prides himself on excellent customer service.

It is a joy to cook again and we will certainly have him back in the future.

Des can also service and repair ovens, he even cleans facias and guttering, so much more than just oven cleaning.

Give him a try, I promise you will never again clean your own oven.

Even better, mention STAG Mumbler and you can save up to 15% on your clean (exc Dec).


T: 07956 646487

Featured Listing

Magical Ovens

Magical Ovens is an established independent local family run business that are specialists in oven cleaning. We pride ourselves in providing a quality, reliable and friendly service at affordable prices. Our commitment is that we clean ovens to an exceptionally high standard. We aim to ensure that our customers are delighted and that we give good value for money.

We also carry replacement oven / extractor hood bulbs, Oven door seals, grease and charcoal filters for extractor hoods and oven liners. We can also fit replacement dials/pan racks etc. Please speak to our technician for more information.

At Magical Ovens we clean all types of ovens and cookers, including ranges. We also clean hobs, microwaves, extractor hoods and BBQ’s with biodegradable products which are totally caustic and toxic free. We aim to provide a no-mess service minimum disruption to you and your home.

Magical Ovens have fully comprehensive insurance cover for your total peace of mind.

The benefits of having your oven cleaned :

  • The removal of carbon deposits reduces smoke and the risk of fire
  • Reduces germs, bacteria, and odours
  • Aids oven efficiency
  • Looks impressive! Especially when entertaining or selling your home.

T: Office 01977 517788  or Mobile  07761 251737





Appliance Care York – Based in Riccall

Your local appliance repair service. Repairs, Spares & Service of –

  • Washing machine
  • Washer dryers
  • Tumble dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Electric cookers
  • Refrigeration
  • Built in appliances

Recommended by STAG Mumbler –  KG, Aug 18

T: 07912 093070