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Gardening With Your Mini Mumblers

Whilst I am not a brilliant gardener, my son seems to love it. He loves nothing more than digging and planting, watching things grow. We created a little vegetable patch a couple of years ago and over the past couple of years he has enjoyed watering seeds and he loves it when he sees his…

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BOOK YOUR FREE TRIAL  MummyFIT is a safe and progressive full body workout incorporating cardiovascular and strength exercises designed to increase fitness and build muscle tone. MummyFIT sessions are suitable for all fitness levels once you’ve reached 6 weeks following a natural delivery or 12 weeks following a C-section and had a GP sign off.   MummyFIT sessions…

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Making difficult conversations easy with PANTS 

Making difficult conversations easy with PANTS  As parents we want to do everything we can to help keep our children safe, but at the NSPCC we understand that starting conversations about child sexual abuse with children can seem quite daunting, and it can be difficult to know how to approach such difficult topics.   The NSPCC…

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