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Must have gifts ideas for new mums

Mum gift ideas

With special thanks to our sister site, Gateshead Mumbler, for these super ideas. 

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Newborn Gift Inspiration – including something for the grown ups

We all know that feeling, a newborn has arrived, but what should you buy them? Oh and then there’s mum and dad, don’t forget them, and the older siblings, don’t want them feeling left out! We all know what a dilemma it can be, we had it a few months ago, so we turned to some of our lovely mumbler friends for inspiration and here’s what they suggested….

Something for baby

Baby gifts: Do a hamper of different things like shampoos, baby powder, toys, nappies, wipes, and a baby grow. I got something like this when my son was born and loved it as it was stuff that was going to get used all the time.
FB Aug 2017

We bought my little girl one of the 100 year diary books and I write in it every season and it includes milestone pics and asks various questions such as favourite books, films, friends etc and I plan to give it to her on her 18th birthday….Ssshhh 😉
KH Aug 2017

My friend got us a fabulous blanket (instead of the milestone cards) that you show ages on. Lots of people have said how fab that is.
AW Aug 2017

Muslin squares, can’t have enough of them for cleaning up dribble and milk. Baby thermometer (Gro egg) to read temperature of babies room. Baby bath towel. If you know what pram they are having, pushchair accessories like a cup holder (for mug of prosecco disguised as coffee), bag clips and hand muff warmer etc.
AH Aug 2017

A collection of coins that were in circulation the year my baby was born, it was direct from The Royal Mint.

Royal Mint Website
AW Aug 2017

Black out blind. Plastic stacking cups. Electric thermometer. Star wrap blanket. Hooded towels. Books Car seat/ pram toys. Baby keepsake book/box. Play gym.
CF Aug 2017

A handmade plaque with all the dates and names, memorable info from our friends was lovely.
AW Aug 2017

A hooded towel for bathtime was a really useful idea and a small comforter with a teddy attached to it. They were a godsend.
BG Aug 2017

Something for the parents

Escape Room Vouchers – Something fun and a little different

MB Jan 18

Another vote for the escape rooms, best night out ever!
KH Jan 18

Mummy gift set: bottle of wine, chocolates, bath set, little things.
Daddy gift set: Beers, chocolates, photo frame for him to have him and baby in. A daddy top.
Some ideas what to put in them. Someone did it for us but a mummy and daddy joint one and we loved it and I’ve done it for my friends and it feels more personal. Xx
FB Aug 2017

My daughter recently mentioned that her friend had purchased the following for her new mum friend……she went online and did a supermarket shop and included in it all the things that mum hadn’t been able to eat while pregnant, e.g., wine, cheese, prawns etc and had it all delivered to her house, she’d loved it! This sounded like a great idea to me.
PW Aug 2017

I got a pedicure voucher, that was nice for a bit of time out. A nice notebook/baby record book as it’s amazing how quickly you forget all those special milestones / memories if u don’t write them down!
LH Aug 2017

A friend came round with a whole meal for us that she had prepared including pudding and a bottle of fizz and we absolutely loved it. All we had to do was throw it in the over….perfect!
KH Aug 2017

Restaurant vouchers and of course, alcohol is always a winner!
AH Aug 2017

Takeaway vouchers.
CF Aug 2017

I got lots of bubble bath type things too and I loved those as I had a long bath everyday and that was my only time for just me each day so I really appreciated/enjoyed those.
LH Aug 2017

People’s time, someone to make you a cup of tea!
AW Aug 2017

When discussing this recently, a friend said she was thinking about paying for a cleaner to come and do a couple of hours or so at her friends house. I thought ‘What an amazing idea!’, I would have loved that. If I have another friend having a baby, I shall pick them up, take them out for a couple of hours, sort the cleaner and let them walk back into a beautiful clean house, one less thing for them to have to worry about!
KH Aug 2017

As a new dad I was bought a booked called Commando Dad, it is full of great little nuggets of advice and was my go to guide when raising my little girl.
MH Aug 2017

Something for the older siblings

We bought my little girl a giant play dough set and wrapped it from her new baby brother. She was so thrilled he had bought her such a cool present, she couldn’t help but love him when he came home.
KH Aug 29017

Always handy for older siblings getting activity books to keep them occupied.
AW Aug 2017

Books. Matching toys e.g. A bear for baby and a matching bear for sibling.
CF Aug 2017

Each of my girls (newborn and older sister) got given a set of books, one had Beatrix potter and the other got Winnie the Pooh. On a practical side we were given a baby bath with a built in seat and it had a plug which was invaluable for newborns!
AW Aug 2017

Something for the whole family

Not sure if this works but maybe vouchers towards a photo shoot of the new baby. Keepsakes for both parents/they can add to. – have some lovely ones.
MH Aug 2017

Pottery Painting Voucher – most places do special baby footprint plates etc
PW Jan 18

We’ll be adding a new section to the website to include all these types of things, so if after reading this you have your own great ideas to share, please send them to and we’ll make sure they are added.

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‘The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse’ Book

The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse coverHere at STAG HQ, this has to be our all-time favourite book. We read it to the Mini Mumbler’s (who absolutely adore it), we use  it to explain life lessons to them and have also bought it for every friend who has had a baby, as it’s the perfect gift. Whilst we love the book, we didn’t really know anything about the author until recently. This super clip helps explain the long journey Charlie went on to become a successful author and illustrator and the incredible impact his book has had on so many.

Spend 5 minutes and WATCH HIS STORY 


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