Craft Ideas Selby, Tadcaster and Goole

30 day Lego challenge


Are you interested in providing your children with opportunities to make art with things you already have in the house? VISIT WEBSITE

Can your little one help put out the fire?

We love this idea from The Manc, so simple, so much fun. As an alternative to the hosepipe, spray bottles could be used or paint brushes with water.

It’s also a great opportunity to teach a few skills in fire safety and how to protect the home, what to do in the event of a fire and so on.


Children’s Origami

Image from the Easy, Peasy & Fun website

Orgami can be a great activity to focus children and give them something fun and creative to do. This super resource from Easy, Peasy & Fun gives them lots of options to choose from.


Crafty Nail Salon

I don’t think we would be brave enough to let our Mini Mumblers use real nail polish (perhaps felt tips or crayons as an alternative) but we certainly love this idea from hello, Wonderful.

Family hand prints, something for all the family

Fence crafts

Lego stamping

Mail a hug

Our Mini Mumbler had great fun doing this and Nanny and Pops were thrilled to receive it.

Shadow Tracing….what a super idea in this lovely sunshine

Super downloads for colouring

Here you’ll find some free PDF downloads for colouring in. Save the PDF, print it out and get colouring!

All the links below will open as high resolution PDF files, to the standard A4 size for printers.

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