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STAG Mumbler – Summer Holiday Special

Have a wonderful Summer break

It’s nearly that time again, these holidays do seem to come around so quick (perhaps not quick enough for our mumbler teachers!).  Filling the time can be hard, as can finding new and exciting things to do, while watching those pennies.  Here at STAG, we thought we’d try and help make things a little easier and offer you some inspiration.

Check out our STAG Mumbler – Summer Holidays Special

It’s never too late to tell us about great local events, clubs or groups.  So if you’re heading somewhere great this Summer, do let us know about it at and we’ll make sure we add it for other mumblers to see.

Tips from our Mumblers

“There’s a website called ‘Named Together’ which is great when you can’t decide.”

AK, Feb ’19

“Write a list of names you like, and your partner, then compare.”

SO, Feb ’19

“We made a list of four girls names then we just waited until they arrived and we both simply agreed on the same name, it just suited her and the others suddenly seemed wrong.”

KG, Feb ’19

“Someone told us to shout their name in a field, as if you’re shouting your child to see how it sounds and also to say the full name that will be read out at their wedding.”

AL, Feb ’19